Sensory Deprivation Massage Starring: Crystal White  - May 24, 2019

Video Description: Sexy Crystal White has stopped by Rodney's studio for a Sensory Deprivation Massage. This is her first one and she's a little nervous but eager so Rodney has her start out by switching into something more relaxing before he covers her eyes and ears for the massage. He starts out by lighty running a feather duster all over her body before having her undress completely. Next he instructs her to identify different fetish toys he touches her body with before, pulling out his big flesh toy and gently tapping her feet with it. Crystal can't quite identify it so, Rodney sucks her toes and then climbs on the table over her and lays his thick cock on her face. His thick cock slides easily into her mouth and he begins to fuck her throat as he shoves his face in her furry snatch for some furious 69 action. Then, Rodney switches speeds and shoves his big dick into her pussy to fuck her missionary style. Rodney has her put on a deprivation mask and he fucks her throat again, then dives dick first back into that hairy pussy for some more pumping. Soon, Crystal's senses are deprived no more as, Rodney unloads a healthy dollop of sensory semen all over Crystals face.

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